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About Company

Go Virtual 3D is a company that is equipped with the technology and expertise to bring all the potential that Virtual Reality (VR) has to offer you to increase and set your services apart from the competition.

Go Virtual 3D specialises in developing content and apps for the Virtual reality platforms. In the world where virtual experiences are increasingly becoming more and more life-like, we aim to deliver quality content to enhance that experience across industries.

With a team that has the technical expertise, know-how and branding capabilities, all your VR needs will be met, right from conceptualisation to delivery.


Why us?

Govirtual3D creates VR content for real estate, with a focus on residential, commercial and new development markets. Pre-sell or pre-lease your new developments with VR visualizations of the unbuilt environment. Clients include home builders, multi family developers, real estate agents and brokers, interior designers, architects, owners, and more.

We provide digital products and services that help people explore and experience real estate in innovative and efficient ways. Our first-person, interactive 3D visualizations bring real estate professionals together with their clients more frequently and efficiently to close more deals.

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Time to meet our team of technology and business professionals. Making all the
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Gurjot Singh (Director)

Gurjot began his entrepreneurial journey at the age 21 with his own event management company " Muziqueevents" in 2009.He then went on to collaborate with Sizzling events to curate events across Australia, New Zealand and Asia. After winning several awards and recognition for his entrepreneurial as well as social causes such as Melbourne Indian business club excellence award 2013, Festival of South Asia 2015, Indian executive club awards 2012, he is now combining his experience with the new and emerging technologies.

Dorothy Lewis Designer

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Carl Barnes Designer

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